UJC adopts reduced budget


The United Jewish Communities adopted a $37 million budget that includes significant layoffs.

The 2008-09 budget for the North American Jewish federation system’s umbrella organization, which passed Tuesday, was $3.2 million less than the previous year’s $40.2 million spending plan.

Much of the reduction comes from the excising of 32 jobs. Those layoffs include a significant downsizing of the UJC’s mission department.

The UJC’s board of trustees and the Delegate Assembly of representatives of the 155 federations under the UJC umbrella both passed the budget unanimously, according to a UJC spokesman.

The budget includes a significant reshaping of the UJC’s consulting services, including outsourcing some of its financial resource development services. The UJC will provide a $500,000 fund to help subsidize smaller federations.

Budget items added include a $750,000 e-philanthropy initiative and a beefing-up of the Mandel Center for Leadership Excellence.

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