New halachic prenuptial agreement available


An updated version of the halachic prenuptial agreement, which requires a get if the marriage ends, is available online.

The original document was issued more than a decade ago by the Rabbinical Council of America and the Beth Din of America, both Orthodox organizations based in New York.

The updated agreement encourages consultation with legal counsel and comes with detailed implementation instructions to the bride and groom.

A number of variations are available, including one that is designed specifically for the community property marriage provisions of the state of California. Another version can be inserted into general prenuptial agreements. All the versions require a get, or Jewish divorce, if the couple splits.

“The Rabbinical Council of America is most gratified that since its inception, the prenuptial agreement has been so effective in limiting the incidence of recalcitrance among couples whose marriages have failed,” said Rabbi Basil Herring, the RCA’s executive vice president. “We urge every couple about to be married, no matter their love and regard for each other leading up to the wedding day, and irrespective of their background, to utilize this very important and valuable tool, to benefit not only themselves but the entire Jewish community.”


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