Iberian, Latin American Jews build ties


Spanish Iberian and Latin American Jews are strengthening their ties.

A project launched Monday in Spain aims to improve the coordination on Latin American and Spanish Jewish community political issues.

A consortium in Madrid, Casa America, launched the project during the seminar “Jews in Iberian-America” organized by the Latin American Jewish Congress and the Federation of Jewish Communities, with Spanish government support.

Claudio Epelman, the Latin American Jewish Congress director, told JTA in a phone interview from Madrid that the goal is to create a closer relationship among the Jewish communities and the countries’ governments.

A group of 15 Jewish leaders from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Mexico and Brazil participated in the seminar. The group met with Spanish Chancellor Miguel Angel Moratinos and the Austrian Prince Felipe de Borbon.

The seminar featured several cultural activities focusing on Spanish society, as well as Jewish literature, films and music.

“A common denominator for all the leaders gathered is the concern about the increasing Iranian influence in the region with the previous support of Iran to the AMIA Argentine center terrorist attack,” said Epelman.

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