Chabad, UNICEF publish book


Chabad of Buenos Aires and UNICEF officials announced the publication of a book about treating child abuse.

More than 500 people, including judiciary representatives, Jewish leadership, educators and psychologists, gathered Tuesday evening at a downtown cultural center to welcome the book, “Mistreatment of Children: The Innovative Approach of Ieladeinu, The Comprehensive Response of a Community Committed to Children”.

Supported by UNICEF, the U.N. children’s agency, the book is based on the organization’s two years of observation of Ieladeinu, the Jewish home for mistreated children opened in 1999 and run by Chabad. The aim of the book is to systemize Ieladeinu’s approach, which is modeled on Jewish ethics, psychology and human rights, so it may be replicated by other programs.

Karina Pincever, co-author and book coordinator, stressed the courage and hope she found in the Chabad-Lubavitch Argentina Director Rabbi Tzvi Grumblatt during the first uncertain years.

Bernardo Kliksberg of the United Nations Program for Development said that Ieladeinu proved mistreated children, given the proper care and love, can recover dignity and dreams of future.

“UNICEF has found Ieladeinu´s work not only valuable for the Jewish community’s children it cares for, but also as a model to be followed universally in dealing with this type of problem,” said Dr. Rivera Pizarro, UNICEF’s representative.


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