Israel to go humble in Diaspora ties


The Israeli government will present a “more humble” policy for its relations with the Diaspora.

A policy report featuring the government strategy’s redefining its Diaspora ties will be made public June 22 at the Jewish Agency Board of Governors meeting in Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Cabinet secretary Ovad Yehezkel and Alan Hoffman, the director-general of the Jewish Agency’s Education Department, wrote the report, which is part of an Israeli government retooling of how Israel and the Diaspora relate to each other.

The process began in February with the establishment of a Cabinet-level committee for Diaspora relations.

“We have to move away from a dynamic based on money and aliyah,” Yehezkel told the Post. “We have to add more values, to establish cooperation. Israel has to take responsibility for Diaspora issues as well, such as Jewish identity, education and continuity.”

At the same time, he added, Israel must swallow a dose of humility and stop telling Diaspora Jews how to be Jews.

Yehezkel also told the Post that there needs to be a reduction in the number of groups claiming to represent the Israel-Diaspora relationship and a strengthening of communications.


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