Bush, Sarkozy discuss Iran threat


George Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy reiterated that a nuclear-armed Iran endangered the globe.

The French president on Saturday referred to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent threats to attack Israel as a menace to world peace. “It is an unacceptable threat to world stability, especially due to the current Iranian president’s repeated statements,” said Sarkozy, standing alongside Bush at the presidential palace in Paris.

Bush also said he regretted Iran’s rejection of a proposal to cooperate with western nations in exchange for suspending the country’s uranium enrichment program.

Both leaders also agreed Syria should distance itself from Iran. Sarkozy has recently re-established ties with Syria, which supports terrorist activity in the region and has a traditionally close bond with Iran.

Sarkozy invited the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to Paris for a multi-national summit in mid-July centered on the French president’s ambitious plan for a union between Mediterranean nations. Israeli leaders will also attend the meeting, perhaps providing an occasion for a ground-breaking hand-shake between leaders of both countries who announced indirect peace negotiations in May.

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