Jewish terrorist’s killers spared homicide charge


Israeli prosecutors have decided not to file homicide charges against Arabs who lynched a Jewish terrorist in 2005.

The State Attorney’s Office announced Sunday that 12 Israeli Arabs who had been under investigation for their role in the death of Natan Eden-Zada, who went on a racist shooting spree in August 2005, will not face the most serious charges for his killing.

Instead, the suspects are this week to be indicted for aggravated assault, State Attorney’s Office sources said.

Eden-Zada, an army deserter and far-right extremist, shot up a bus in the Israeli Arab town of Shfaram, killing four people. He was then overpowered by Arab onlookers and beaten to death, with police apparently powerless to extricate him.

The prospect of trials for members of the lynch mob has put another strain on race relations in the Jewish state.

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