Doctors quit over Orthodox patient


Two more doctors have quit working at a Winnipeg hospital rather than treat an elderly Jewish man on life support.

The doctors left Grace Hospital, following the lead of one of their colleagues who quit his shift rather than obey a court order to treat 84-year-old Samuel Golubchuk.

One of the physicians publicly stated his refusal to “torture”Golubchuk by keeping him alive.

Golubchuk has been on a feeding tube and ventilator since November. His Orthodox family has cited Jewish law in their decision to keep him alive, arguing that removing him from life support would be tantamount to murder.

In February, a judge ordered the hospital to continue treating Golubchuk until a hearing to decide his fate was held. The case is set for court in mid-September.

Health officials in Winnipeg fear more doctors and nurses may quit the hospital’s intensive care unit where Golubchuk is being kept.

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