Times: Israeli exercise aimed at Iran


Israel recently held a large-scale military exercise to prepare for attacking Iran, U.S. officials told The New York Times.

The exercise earlier this month covered 900 miles – the distance between Israel and Iran – and involved more than 100 fighter jets, the Times reported. The exercise took place in the eastern Mediterranean and over Greece. Helicopters and ships that could be used to rescue downed pilots were also used.

Israeli officials responded to the report only as saying that the country’s air force routinely engages in exercises, but an anonymous Pentagon official said the exercise clearly was aimed at sending Iran a signal that Israel is prepared to attack it, the Times reported.

“They wanted us to know, they wanted the Europeans to know, and they wanted the Iranians to know,” the official said, according to the report.

In recent weeks, several Israeli officials have said Israel is ready to use all means at its disposal to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, although for the time being Israel prefers sanctions.

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