British minister: Muslims persecuted like Jews


Britain’s first Muslim minister claims that Muslims in Europe today feel persecuted “like the Jews of Europe.”

In a television interview that was being broadcast Monday, Shahid Malik, the United Kingdom’s minister of international development, explained that he didn’t mean to “equate with the Holocaust” but stressed that Muslims across the continent feel it is now legitimate to target them just like Jews were targeted “and still are in some parts” of Europe.

The documentary, which coincides with the third anniversary of the 7/7 suicide bombings in London, highlights what it claims to be Islamophobic attitudes in the British public, media and think-tanks that have become legitimized in the aftermath of the attacks.

The documentary also presents the findings of a poll, which found that 51 percent of Britons blame Islam “to some degree” for the 7/7 attacks, in which 52 civilians were killed and more than 700 injured.

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