British lawmaker: Europe imports anti-Semitism


Europe is an importer of anti-Semitism, a British government official said.

Jim Murphy, the British minister for Europe, says it does so by allowing the Islamic media to broadcast anti-Semitic content to the continent’s citizens.

Speaking Monday at the launch of the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary anti-Semitism, Murphy added, “The most emblematic claim of this anti-Semitic source is that no Jews died on 9/11.”

Murphy pointed out, however, that the British government recently enacted a law prohibiting the use of threatening words or behavior with the intention of stirring up hatred against groups because of their religious belief – a law that could make such anti-Semitic allegations punishable.

The British government has financed a $40,000 research grant for the European institute. Its director, Winston Pickett, said the new London-based think tank aims to develop new strategies to counter anti-Semitism and will focus its operations in the fields of research, information and education.


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