Anti-Semitic graffiti intensifies in Russian city


A rash of swastikas and nationalist graffiti has appeared in the Russian city of Ivanovo.

Vandals spray-painted the doorway of the home of Jewish community leader Ervin Kirshtein on Wednesday. Community leaders believe the surge in anti-Semitic and nationalist graffiti across town could be a response to complaints made by community leaders to law enforcement, the Jewish News agency reported.

The swastikas appear alongside tags for the nationalist movement Russian National Unity, which has recently intensified its activity in the city northeast of Moscow.

Two weeks ago, anti-Semitic graffiti appeared at a Jewish community center in an Ivanovo suburb. Swastikas appeared on many buildings in the city center, the agency reported.

A beer bottle was smashed over Kirshtein’ s head recently during a rabbi’s visit.


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