Israeli ex-spymaster in leak probe


A retired Israeli spymaster is under investigation on suspicion of leaking the identity of a top Egyptian informant.

Eli Zeira, who served as chief of military intelligence during the Yom Kippur war, is the subject of a Shin Bet probe following allegations that he provided journalists the name of an Egyptian official who tried to tip off Israel ahead of the 1973 conflict.

Ashraf Marwan, a high-ranking member of the Nasser regime, fell to his death from a London apartment last year, stirring speculation that he was assassinated in revenge for secretly serving Israel.

The wartime Mossad chief, Zvi Zamir, has confirmed that Marwan was an Israeli spy, while Zeira suggested he may have been a double agent.

The investigation against Zeira began two months ago but was kept under wraps. The gag order was dropped Thursday at the request of the Haaretz newspaper.

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