Jerusalem yeshiva students attack Arab


A group of yeshiva students reportedly attacked two Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem.

The Jewish youth began the altercation in a hardware store in the Makor Baruch neighborhood of Jerusalem, home to several Orthodox yeshivas, after the Arabs began arguing with the store’s proprietor.

According to Israeli media reports, the youths chased and beat the Arabs, who took refuge in the home of a Jewish family observing shiva. The family protected the Arabs, secretly leading them to an alley through which they attempted to escape.

The youths caught up to the Arabs and beat them “to a pulp,” a bystander told The Jerusalem Post. The youths also attacked the Jews who continued to protect the Arabs, cutting one of the men in the abdomen. The youths, concerned that they had drawn Jewish blood, then scattered.

Rabbi Yitzhak Bazri of the nearby David Bazri yeshiva condemned the attack, though he did not believe the youths were his students.

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