Beijing’s kosher eatery braces for Olympics


China’s only kosher restaurant will work around the clock during the Beijing Olympics.

Dini’s, a glatt kosher eatery in the Chinese capital, will be open 24 hours a day next month to supply Israeli athletes and other Jews attending the Games with food.

Dini’s supervisor, Rabbi Shimon Freundlich of Chabad Beijing, told Yediot Achronot on Sunday that the restaurant has stockpiled 7 1/2 tons of beef and 9 tons of chicken for the event.

As well as the estimated 400 Jews who will come to the Olympics, Dini’s has a loyal clientele among Chinese who consider kosher food to be cleaner, Freundlich said.

But there are limits to the cross-cultural appeal.

“They don’t touch the gefilte fish,” Yediot reported.

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