Some U.K. Muslim students back religious killings


Nearly one-third of British Muslim students support killing in the name of religion, a new survey found.


In addition, 60 percent of active members of campus Islamic societies said such killings can be justified, according to a report released Monday by London’s Center for Social Cohesion.


The report, “Islam on Campus: A Survey of U.K. Student Opinion,” examined Muslim students’ attitudes on issues including religious tolerance, gender equality and integration. The survey polled 1,400 students; more information was gathered in fieldwork and interviews.


Some 79 percent of Muslim students polled said they respected Jews, with 7 percent answering that they had not very much or no respect at all for Jews.


In other findings, 59 percent of those polled believed it was important to Islam that Muslim women wear the hijab. Forty percent of respondents backed the introduction of Sharia, Islamic law based on the Koran, into British law for Muslims, and one-third supported the introduction of a worldwide Caliphate, or head of Islam, based on Sharia.

Support for a Caliphate rose to 58 percent when active members of campus Islamic societies were polled.

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