Report: U.S. clips Israel’s wings on Iran


The United States is reportedly withholding military support for Israel that could be used in an attack on Iran.

The Bush administration recently rejected an Israeli request for equipment and other military help, fearing that Jerusalem is planning to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities preemptively, Haaretz reported Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, Washington warned the Olmert government against such an action, saying it would put U.S. interests at risk, and demanded to get advance warning should there be an Israeli attack nonetheless.

The report comes amid speculation that Israel or the United States could mount military action against Iran in the final days of President Bush’s administration, though both allies have spoken in support of continued diplomatic pressure on Tehran.

Asked about the claims in Haaretz, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak acknowledged that the United States has voiced misgivings about the feasibility of preemptive strikes on Iran, but said no options have been “taken off the table”.

“The only thing we should not be doing is talking about this,” Barak told Army Radio.

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