Three in British terror cell convicted


Three members of a British terror cell were convicted.

The terrorists, arrested two years ago, were convicted Monday in London and included the youngest man ever convicted of terrorism offenses in the United Kingdom.

They were caught with details on bomb making and suicide vest preparation

The cell had gathered information about the British royal family, and possessed maps of New York, Washington and Jerusalem. One member was in touch with other terror cells in Europe and North America.

A London court convicted Hammaad Munshi, 18, and two others of possessing and making documents promoting terrorism. However, the jury was not told that Aabid Hussain Khan, 23, was part of a network of international terrorists in Europe and North America.

Khan, who was sentenced Tuesday to 12 years in prison, recruited and groomed Munshi, the grandson of a respected Muslim scholar.

Munshi, who lived with his parents, was arrested on his way from a chemistry exam at his north England high school in Yorkshire. He was carrying two small bags of ball bearings, a key component of a suicide vest. Police found hand-written notes on martyrdom under his bed.

Munshi also created and circulated technical documents via e-mail and Internet forums on how to make napalm, detonators and explosives.

Police arrested Khan at a Manchester airport in June 2006 as he returned from Pakistan.


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