Feinstein gives to scholarship program, but not to UJA


Alan Shawn Feinstein, a philanthropist in Rhode Island, is bailing out a scholarship program that went belly up.

Feinstein had been giving out $2,000 college scholarships to students through a nonprofit advocacy organization, The Education Partnership. But the partnership went into receivership in June, the Providence Journal reports.

Feinstein has offered to pay out the scholarships nonetheless.

Feinstein is Jewish, according to his foundation’s Web site. I found some interesting tidbits on the site’s FAQ section.

Can you tell me about his family?

Mr. Feinstein has been married for over 40 years to Dr. Pratarnporn Feinstein, a psychiatrist and native of Bangkok, Thailand. They have three children Ari, Ricky, and Leila Feinstein and three grandchildren. Though Mr. Feinstein comes from a strictly Jewish background, his family now consists of Christians, Moslems and Buddhists and a mixture of all races. That’s the way he wants it.

Why doesn’t Mr. Feinstein just give his money to a Jewish organization like the United Jewish Appeal?

Because he believes we were all put here to help all those in need regardless of their race, creed or color.

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