Political Tidbits: “It’s still iffy, which is freaking me out”

  • “It’s still iffy, which is freaking me out”: That, according to the New York Times, was what one Boca Raton precinct coordinator had to say about the attitude of some “lifelong Jewish Democrats” toward Barack Obama. The coordinator was attending a Hillary Clinton appearance for Obama in South Florida. More details on the rally in the Miami Herald.
  • In a article entitled “The Shmegege Vote: 2008,” Susan Isaacs at The Huffington Post wonders how prejudice will affect Jews when they enter the voting booth.
  • The Forward looks at the key Jewish behind-the-scenes players in the Obama campaign.
  • The Forward also reports that historians and political observers believe Thursday will be the first time in political convention history that a rabbi gives an invocation before a presidential nominee acceptance speech.
  • Rabbi Amy Schwartzman talks to the Washington Jewish Week about her participation in the Democratic National Convention’s interfaith gathering on Sunday.
  • JTA looked in on the Democrats’ faith focus earlier this week, as did the the New York Jewish Week, with some finding the emphasis excessive.
  • Daniel Burrell at The Huffington Post writes Obama should get tougher on Iran because it will help him with Jewish voters.
  • Jim Besser at the New York Jewish Week says the McCain campaign seems to be taking tips from Mort Klein and the Zionist Organization of America in its attacks on Obama adviser Dan Kurtzer.
  • Jay Michaelson, writing in the Forward, suggests that treating Israel as the pre-eminent “Jewish issue” of the campaign may be bad for Judaism.
  • The blind rabbi running for Congress, Dennis Shulman, is using a parody of “The Office” to attack opponent Scott Garrett over his ties to “Texas oilmen.”

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