Kin arrested in Israeli girl’s disappearance


Israeli police arrested the mother and grandfather of a 4-year-old girl missing for more than two months.

The grandfather, who is also the stepfather of the girl known only as Rose, confessed Tuesday to killing Rose and dumping her body in the Yarkon River, though the details of his story have changed several times.

The case of Rose, who has been missing since May, became public in Israel only a couple weeks ago when police launched a massive search, including a hot-line. Though the details of the case were blocked from publication in Israel due to a court-imposed gag order, the details were published Tuesday in a French newspaper.

Rose is the daughter of an Israeli father and a French-immigrant mother, Binyamin and Marie Ron. Marie divorced her husband and began a relationship with her former father-in-law, Ronny Ron, with whom she has two baby daughters. Rose has been in her mother’s custody since last December.

The girl’s great-grandmother is also under house arrest in connection with the case.

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