Jewish charities in Britain are less transparent than most


The London Jewish Chronicle is reporting that Jewish charities are among the worst in Britain when it comes to being open and transparent.

An independent charity watchdog, Intelligent Giving, studied the reporting of 500 English charities and gave each a percentage score based on a number of criteria.

The 10 worst charities on the list were all Jewish, according to the Chronicle.

Adam Rothwell, director of IG, said: “Many of the Jewish charities have stayed at the bottom again this year, making them among the least transparent in the country. It is very disappointing.

“There are 10 Jewish charities scoring under 40 per cent, meaning they would make up the bottom 10 of all the 500 charities we have profiled this year.”

Some of those scoring the worst included JNF, the Jewish Leaning Exchange, and the Oxford Centre for Jewish and Hebrew Studies.

The worst performer was Cosmon (Belz), which works to advance Orthodox Judaism. It scored just 20 per cent, a 30 per cent drop from last year.

Mr Rothwell explained: “It doesn’t really take much effort to get over 60 per cent, so these charities are not taking transparency and openness very seriously.

“There’s such a dearth of information about them and they are so reticent that it makes it look like they are trying to hide something.”

Thanks to Dan at for pointing this one out.

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