Biden: Don’t trust McCain on Iran


In his vice presidential acceptance speech [at 20:34 in the video], Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) used the candidate’s contrasting approaches on Iran as one of the distinctions he drew on foreign policy:

“Should we trust John McCain’s judgment when he rejected talking with Iran and then asked: What is there to talk about? Or Barack Obama, who said we must talk and make it clear to Iran that its conduct must change. Now, after seven years of denial, even the Bush administration recognizes that we should talk to Iran, because that’s the best way to advance our security. Again, John McCain was wrong. Barack Obama was right.”

Obama drew criticism from his onetime primary opponent Hillary Clinton and from Republicans for his statement last year that he would be willing to meet with the president of Iran, and he and Biden were two of just two dozen senators to oppose an amendment urging the declaration of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist group. But the campaign has been making the case that the Obama-Biden policy on Iran would be more effective.

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