Nigerian gang wasnts $12M for Israeli


A Nigerian gang is demanding $12 million for the return of a kidnapped Israeli.

The hostage, an employee of Israeli firm Gilmor, is being held in exchange for what is reportedly the highest ransom demand in Israeli history, Ha’aretz reported.

The 60-year-old man, an Israeli employee of a local real estate firm, was kidnapped by four gunmen at midnight on Tuesday from his home in the Nigerian coastal city of Port Harcourt. At the request of his family, he is not being identified.

Gilmor CEO Eli Golder said the situation was “delicate” and asked Israeli media outlets to restrain their coverage, warning that publicity might hinder efforts to secure the hostage’s release.


The area has been the scene of numerous kidnappings in recent years. Israel’s ambassador to Nigeria, Moshe Ram, went to the area after the incident.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry had issued an advisory against traveling to Nigeria and East Africa, and there have been recent reports of Hezbollah activity in Nigeria. Earlier this month, Israeli officials announced that Hezbollah terrorists were planning to kidnap Israelis from sites around the world.

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