Google responds to ZOA complaint


The Zionist Organization of America applauded Google for removing what the group deemed as objectionable material about Israel from its Google Earth service.

In a letter to the company in July, ZOA said that Google Earth, a popular service that provides detailed geographic information, was hosting “false and demonizing political propaganda about Jews and Israel.”

Users who searched for Israel or the West Bank, the ZOA said, were provided with information posted by pro-Palestinian users that appeared to be endorsed by Google.

The ZOA claimed the postings were both “historically false” and expressions of anti-Semitism.

“Google Earth is supposed to be a resource for accurate and reliable information about the world’s geography,” ZOA said in a statement Aug. 25. “It should not be a vehicle for promoting someone’s particular political agenda about Israel, especially when that agenda is based on falsehoods.”

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