Statement renews push for Jewish evangelism


Evangelical scholars released a statement renewing the commitment to proselytizing Jews in Europe.

The theological arm of the World Evangelical Alliance over the weekend issued the 1,200-word Berlin Declaration, one week after a conference to determine how to bring the Christian Gospel to Jews, especially in Europe, The Christian Post reported.

The declaration was formulated by 13 scholars from the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission, seminaries and other groups. Christians and Messianic Jews in Germany also contributed to the declaration, according to the Post.

“Christians are called to share this good news, with sensitivity and humility,” said the declaration. “While respecting the views of others, we still challenge them to consider the message of the Messiah.”

The declaration is not an official document of the alliance but it is being widely circulated.

The alliance has produced other declarations on Jewish evangelism, including the 1989 Willowbank Declaration and a 2008 statement published in The New York Times reinforcing the validity and importance of Jewish evangelism.

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