Three British Muslims convicted in conspiracy


Three British Muslims were convicted in London of conspiracy to kill people with homemade liquid bombs.

A jury on Monday found that the prosecution did not prove that there was a plot to blow up six trans-Atlantic flights from Heathrow Airport to North America. Instead it convicted Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain on the lesser charge of conspiracy to kill “persons unknown” following a trial of five months and 50 hours of deliberations.

The men had plotted to smuggle bombs made in bottles of soft drinks. Police found bottles, explosives and detonators at their homes.

Since the arrest of the men in 2006, airline passengers around the world are still not allowed to carry liquids and creams on flights.

The jury did not reach a verdict in the case of four other defendants. The seven defendants had recorded anti-Western suicide videos. However, their defense claimed that they planned to scare people and bring up their grievances regarding British foreign policy.

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