Chabad near Twin Towers site is expanding


In a statement to mark the 9/11 anniversary, Chabad of Wall Street announced it is expanding.

The Chabad center, located several blocks from where the World Trade Center stood before it was destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001, announced the hire of two new emissaries.

“Seven years after that black day, Rabbi Shmaya and Rachel Katz, directors of Chabad of Wall Street, have moved on in a big way, but not forgotten, aiming to help their corner of Manhattan find strength in Jewish teachings,” said a statement posted on

The two new emmisaries, Rabbi Chaim and Faige Drizin, will help the Katzes in their work teaching Torah classes, wrapping tefillin on workers in the Wall Street area and preparing food for communal Shabbat meals.

The Chabad of Wall Street, which was established two years before the 2001 attack, is also in discussion about starting a preschool.

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