Hitler returns to Berlin wax museum


Hitler has returned to Madame Tussauds wax museum in Berlin more than two months after being beheaded.

The figure, which depicts the dictator in his last days as a weak and depressed man, was returned Sept. 13 to its position behind a desk at the waxworks on Unter den Linden, but is now behind a glass shield.

One newspaper commented that Hitler has “gotten his head back” and has his own security detail, too.

In July, one of the first people to enter the new museum, a 41-year-old Berlin man, lunged past guards and lopped off the figure’s head – something no one had managed to do during Hitler’s lifetime, lamented Jewish-German journalist Henryk Broder in a column shortly afterward.

Visitors are not allowed to photograph the Hitler figure. They can have their picture taken, however, standing next to a wax Chancellor Angela Merkel or dining with a fake George Clooney. According to one report, visitors seem most interested in Merkel and Madonna.

For months before the waxworks opened, German media was filled with debate about whether a Hitler figure should be included. The consensus that emerged, supported by the Central Council of Jews in
Germany, was that the display must have some educational value, so historical information is included and Hitler is deliberately portrayed at his lowest ebb.

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