IAEA: Iran tried to refit missile for nuke


The U.N.’s nuclear weapons watchdog said Iran tried to refit a long-distance missile to carry a nuclear payload. 

Photos and documents were included in the information presented Tuesday to a closed meeting of the 35-nation board of the International Atomic Energy Agency, The Associated Press reported, citing anonymous diplomats.

The Iranian envoy told the AP that the information was bogus. Other country’s representatives told the news service that the information appeared to be “credible but unverified.”

A U.S. intelligence estimate said the efforts to refit the missile stopped after 2003.

The IAEA distributed a report to board members Monday indicating that the probe into allegations that Iran is developing a nuclear warhead have reached a standstill because Iran has not cooperated with the investigation.

Iran, the confidential report said, had installed 3,820 centrifuges enriching uranium, 500 more than in May, and was working to install another 2,000.

IAEA’s board of governors will discuss the report next week.

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