The Jewish Funders Network hopes to pump $2.5 million into Israel PR
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The Jewish Funders Network hopes to pump $2.5 million into Israel PR

The Jewish Funders Network has announced that it has started a matching grant program to fund pro-Israel organizations:


Contact: Judy Mann
212-726-0177, ext. 204

The Jewish Funders Network has launched a new matching grant opportunity: Pro-Active, Pro-Israel: The JFN Matching Grant Initiative for Strengthening Israel ‘s Image. This new matching grant program, offered by two anonymous member foundations, was borne out of a need to dispel distorted images and understandings of Israel. The goal is to positively impact the way that Israel is perceived in political, academic, virtual, cultural, and social spheres throughout the globe. The two foundations are providing $1,250,000 funding pool to match first-time major gifts by JFN members to non-profit organizations working proactively to strengthen Israel ‘s image.

We’re thrilled to add Pro-Active, Pro-Israel to our stimulating program of matching grants. As our initiatives in the fields of Jewish education, Jewish camping, Israel, and the Jewish elderly poor have shown, matching grants are a powerful incentive to encourage donors to make investments in funding areas that are new to them of importance to the Jewish community. Over the past four years, our matching grant initiatives have generated over $60 million in new funds within the Jewish community. Today’s donor wants to get more value from their philanthropic dollar and these types of matching grants allow them to maximize their impact. – Murray Galinson, JFN Board Chair

Projects supported by grant funds must have as their primary aim the promotion of a pro-active, pro-Israel agenda, consistent with the policies of the government of Israel, through one of the following means: research; constituency organizing, mobilization and education; making current advocates more effective through support, education training or networking; forming and sustaining coalitions; using media to reach the targeted audiences. Eligible organizations will not simply provide a positive experience or present a positive image of Israel , but will actively work to change the public opinion towards Israel .

While only Jewish Funders Network members are eligible for the match, if someone is eligible for JFN membership but not currently a member, they may submit a membership application along with their matching grants application. JFN membership is open to individuals and foundations which grant at least $25,000 annually to Jewish and/or secular causes.

Program Guidelines:

* To participate, a donor must be making their first-ever gift to support an organization or project promoting a pro-active, pro Israel agenda or the donors must increase his or her largest previous gift in this area threefold (i.e. from $10,000 to $30,000).
* Gifts must be a minimum of $25,000 and matching funds will be available up to $50,000.
* Donors who have given previous gifts to other Israel-related organizations or projects, but not to projects that directly engage the issue of Israel advocacy are eligible for this program.

Additional application information is available on the Jewish Funders Network website:

About Jewish Funders Network Jewish Funders Network is an international organization of family foundations, public philanthropies, and individual funders dedicated to advancing the quality and growth of Jewish philanthropy. JFN’s members include independent philanthropists, foundation trustees and foundation professionals – a unique community that seeks to transform the nature of Jewish giving in both thought and action.