RJC turns to TV (UPDATED)


Voters in Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Pennsylvania will see this television advertisement frequently over the next two weeks. The Republican Jewish Coalition has spent more than $1 million to run it in those four swing states.

The ad uses the tag line that the RJC has used in many of its controversial print ads: “Concerned about Barack Obama’s naive foreign policy? You should be.” But the ad itself is relatively non-controversial and straightforward. It uses clips from the July 2007 debate in which Obama said “I would” meet with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea – and Hillary Clinton’s subsequent criticism of Obama for that statement.

UPDATE: National Jewish Democratic Council executive director Ira Forman responded that he thought the ad was “milquetoast,” and felt Colin Powell’s endorsement yesterday of Obama and his foreign policy judgment would garner more attention than the RJC ads – which he called “spitting into the wind.”

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