A video roundup


As the first YouTube election enters its final days, the videos continue to come — some serious, some more light-hearted.

First, the National Jewish Democratic Council aims for laughs with "A Yiddisha Take on 2008," featuring people using various derogatory Yiddish terms — like <em>meshuganah</em> — to describe John McCain and Sarah Palin, and a more positive Yiddish term — <em>mensch</em> — when they talk about Barack Obama.

The Republican Jewish Coalition offers its "closing arguments" with two videos. The first is titled "McCain: Maverick, Hero, Friend":

The second, a video version of their newspaper advertisements, is called "Obama: Lacking the Experience and Judgement to Lead":

And finally, a new video from the Obama-Biden campaign. "Jewish-Americans for Obama" stars Alan Dershowitz, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Howard Berman and a bunch of other less famous Jews.

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