Ukrainian leader promotes Israel-E.U. ties


A Jewish Ukrainian lawmaker is promoting a strong partnership between Israel and the European Union at a policy conference. 

Aleksandr Feldman, a Jewish leader in Ukraine, and other activists attending the first Policy Conference of European Friends of Israel in Paris Thursday want to show solidarity with Israel as well as strengthen political and cultural ties with the European Union.

Feldman, the leader of the Ukrainian parliament committee on interparliamentary cooperation with Israel and the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, is leading the Ukrainian delegation.

Members of the Ukrainian delegation are expected to discuss ways to promote a closer Ukrainian partnership with Israel and the European Union.

“We shall discuss and support a closer and stronger partnership between Israel and the European Union, as well as between Ukraine and Israel," Eduard Dolinsky, the director general of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, told JTA. "It is necessary to speak of a new era in bilateral relations and also promote Ukraine’s integration into the European Union.”

Some 300 lawmakers from 38 countries across Europe and several government ministers are scheduled to attend the conference.

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