U.N. official boosts 9/11 conspiracy theorists


WASHINGTON (JTA) — The U.N. official who investigates Israeli human rights abuses said 9/11 conspiracy theorists deserved greater consideration.

“It is not paranoid under such circumstances to assume that the established elites of the American governmental structure have something to hide and much to explain,” Richard Falk, the U.N. Human Rights Council official who monitors allegations of Israeli abuse, wrote in the Nov. 9 edition of  The Journal, a student publication in Edinburgh. “What has not been established by the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ is a convincing counter-narrative – that is, an alternate version of the events that clears up to what degree, if at all, the attacks resulted from incompetence, deliberate inaction, and outright complicity.”

U.N. Watch, a Geneva-based watchdog that monitors extremism in the organization, called on U.N. leaders to condemn Falk, a retired Princeton University law professor who is the only investigator assigned to a single country by the Human Rights Council.

"The very credibility of the U.N. mission to preserve international peace and security is at stake," U.N. Watch said in a statement. “The U.N. can’t claim to oppose al-Qaida terrorists while its officials seek to deny their most ghastly crimes."

"Truth movement"  theorists blame the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in whole or in part on the Bush administration; some extend the blame to Israel.

The United States has boycotted the U.N. council, a body dominated by non-democracies, in part because most of its focus has been on Israel.

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