Political tidbits: Lieberman likely to stay, Minn. recount starts tomorrow

  • Now that  Joe Lieberman has held on to his Homeland Security Committee chairmanship, Chris Cillizza of the Washigton Post reports how he was able to do it.
  • The New Jersey-based pro-Israel political action committee NORPAC put out an action alert last week backing Lieberman and the Orthodox Union posted a blog item saying the possible ouster of the Senate’s "only Orthodox Jew" would "send an inappropriate message of hostility and partisanship."
  • National Jewish Democratic Council chairman Marc Stanley "apologizes" to Barack Obama in the Huffington Post for Dean Rotbart’s Los Angeles Jewish Journal "apology" to John McCain last week for the strong pro-Obama Jewish vote. "This ridiculous rhetoric is not widespread in the Jewish community," writes Stanley, referring to Rotbart’s statement that "nuclear holocaust won."
  • The chair of the Jewish Agency for Israel recalls the first time he met Obama, in the Jerusalem Post.
  • Bill Kristol and Michael Walzer discuss Jewish politics at Princeton, reports the Daily Princetonian.
  • Politico looks back at the exit polls and declares that Barack Obama alleged "Jewish problem" was "never as bad as the coverage it received."
  • Which Jew will represent Minnesota in the Senate? The recount in the Franken-Coleman race begins tomorrow, as the Democrat tries to include rejected absentee ballots in the count, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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