Belgian rightist party to join Eldad effort?


(JTA) — A Belgian party shunned by that country’s Jews says it has an invitation to join an "anti-Jihad" initiative led by a right-wing Israeli.

Vlaams Belang, a Flemish anti-immigration party, says Aryeh Eldad, a Knesset lawmaker belonging to the HaTikvah Party, has invited the party to attend a March conference on combating Islamist extremist, Ha’aretz reported on Friday. The March conference be a follow-up to Eldad’s international anti-Islamist conference to take place in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Eldad, who has in the past said in the past he would consider joining with Vlaams Belang in such an initiative, denied the report, but not because he rejects the group; he told Ha’aretz that has not yet planned a follow-up to Monday’s conference.

Belgian Jews shun Vlaams Belang despite its strident pro-Israel platform, saying its xenophobic tendencies place it beyond the pale.

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