What’s worse: Stealing from Elie Wisel or fleecing Hadassah women?


Frank Rich honed in on the Madoff scandall in his column this week, prompting a few readers to flag this section:

Just when we thought that reality couldn’t hit a new bottom it did with Bernie Madoff, a smiling shark as sleazy as the TV host in ‘Slumdog.’ A pillar of both the Wall Street and Jewish communities — a former Nasdaq chairman, a trustee at Yeshiva University — he even victimized Elie Wiesel’s Foundation for Humanity with his Ponzi scheme. A Jewish financier rips off millions of dollars devoted to memorializing the Holocaust — who could make this stuff up? Dickens, Balzac, Trollope and, for that matter, even Mel Brooks might be appalled.

Fair enough, but I think the elevator bandit has a greater claim on the "What kind of person would do that to Elie Wiesel" award. When it comes to the Madoff scandal, I think stealing from Hadassah takes the cake — there’s a special place in hell for doing that.

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