Olmert tours Jerusalem-area security fence


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The security fence around Jerusalem "is vital to the security of Israel," Ehud Olmert said.

Israel’s prime minister on Tuesday toured the security fence in the Jerusalem area, which is nearing completion. Olmert was accompanied by army Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, Jerusalem District Police Commander Aharon Franco and other senior officials.

The security fence around the greater Jerusalem area is about 100 miles of barrier and includes 15 permanent crossings and six temporary ones.

"Wherever there is a fence, terrorism against Israelis is prevented," Olmert said at the conclusion of the tour.

"Over the years, the security fence has gone from the project that set the international community against us to a project that constitutes an example of how to defend against terrorism. Countries that wish to fight the kind of terrorism that we have absorbed in Jerusalem and other cities throughout Israel will yet study the model of the security fence."

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