Olmert to Palestinians: Stop Hamas


JERUSALEM (JTA)  — Ehud Olmert spoke directly to Gazan Palestinians during an interview on an Arab satellite television station.

"We don’t want to fight the Palestinian people, but we won’t let Hamas hurt our children. We have a lot of power, which we are not eager to use," Olmert said Thursday during an interview with al-Arabiya television, based in the United Arab Emirates. "Gaza’s residents, don’t let the Hamas murderers, who are acting against the values of Islam, put you in danger."

"Hamas is the residents’ enemy – not only in Israel but in Gaza too. I think about the tens of thousands of children and innocent people who will be put in danger as a result of Hamas’ activities," he added. 

At least 5 Kassam rockets and several mortar shells landed in Southern Israel on Thursday, including one mortar that hit the passageway in the Erez border crossing with Gaza through which people cross. Some 150 Palestinian Christian pilgrims were in the area on their way to Bethlehem when the attack occurred. No one was injured.

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