Republicans back Gaza strikes more than Dems, notes RJC


The Republican Jewish Coalition is pointing out a new poll which shows Republicans are significantly more supportive of Israel’s decision to take military action in the Gaza Strip than are Democrats.

A Rasmussen Reports survey found that 62 percent of those identifying as Republicans backed Israel’s decision to strike Hamas targets Gaza, while just 31 percent of Democrats felt the same. Fifty-five percent of Democrats felt Israel should have "tried to find a diplomatic solution," compared to 27 percent of Republicans.

The survey was taken of 1,000 people on December 30 and has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

Here’s the RJC’s executive director, Matt Brooks:

The latest Rasmussen poll highlights the continuing deep division between rank-and-file Democrats and Republicans regarding support for Israel’s right to defend herself. As Israel takes military action to defend herself from the continuous assault of rockets and mortars coming from Hamas-controlled Gaza, that divide is especially note-worthy….

While we are pleased that many Democratic congressional leaders have offered their unqualified support of Israel, the fact that an overwhelming majority of Democrats at the grassroots level oppose Israel’s self-defensive action is troubling and a cause for concern in the Jewish community.

We hope that going forward, pro-Israel Democratic congressional leaders and advocacy groups such as the National Jewish Democratic Council will redouble their efforts to educate grassroots Democrats and build greater support for Israel’s right of self-defense.

The RJC’s full statement, in which it cites some polling data from the 2006 Lebanon War to bolster its argument, can be read here.

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