Who should play Bernie in Madoff the movie?


Marketwatch media columnist Jon Friedman poses an interesting question: If a movie is ever made about Bernie Madoff, who should play Madoff?

Friedman’s top 3:

6-5 — Dustin Hoffman — the two-time Oscar winner is my choice. He has the look, gravitas and is age-appropriate.
7-5 – Michael Douglas — He won the best actor Oscar in 1987 for playing a Wall Street titan who self-destructs because he believed, ultimately, that "greed is good." Douglas was electrifying as the oily, pinstriped villain Gordon Gekko. Could lightning strike twice?
8-5 – Richard Dreyfuss — He has emerged as a chameleon (and was striking as the sinister Dick Cheney in "W") who can bring out the emotional quality of any character.

One reader suggested Mel Gibson.

I wonder if there is a chance that Spielberg directs a Madoff flick or that Kevin Bacon takes a role in it, given their significant losses in the scandal.

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