Send a blessing to Barack


Do you want to send a prayer or blessing to Barack Obama? and the Old Studio in Jaffa have teamed up for Here are the details:, is a recently launched website for sending personal blessings and Prayers for Our Country to President Barack Obama. After his Inauguration, these messages will be printed on a beautifully crafted wood and canvas Scroll of Blessings (Megillat Brachot) – and presented to the President as a gift from the Jewish community. 

"We all have a stake in the President’s success, and wish him well," says Shlomo Perelman, founder of "This Scroll of Blessings is non-political, positive in outlook – personal expressions of hope and faith in the future." 

Blessings and prayers can be posted by name, initials, or anonymously — from individuals, families, organizations or schools – from any country in the world. In particular, Perelman urges teachers to discuss with their students the unique Jewish concept of praying for the welfare of their country. Background information can be found on the website, as well as a list of previous gifts from the Jewish community, to American Presidents of the past.

Children’s artwork can also be uploaded to the Web site, and the scroll will include a special panel with a "Prayer for Our Country" signed by Jewish members of Congress. The deadline for participation is Jan. 23 at noon. And after the scroll is presented, the Website will enable participants to find their entry as it appears in the scroll. As a commemorative souvenir, participants will receive a photo of the presentation ceremony, next to a rendering of their particular message, suitable for framing.

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