N.Y. Post: Courtney Love made anti-Semitic comments


NEW YORK (JTA) — The New York Post said comments by the musician Courtney Love are anti-Semitic.

A Jan. 16 headline in the Post’s popular gossip section, Page Six, read, "Love’s anti-Semitic ravings" and referred to an interview she recently gave to the Jewish hipster magazine Heeb.

In the interview Love, who is of Jewish background and is the widow of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, slammed the diversion of proceeds from Cobain’s estate away from his family.

"Every time you buy a Nirvana record, part of that money is not going to Kurt’s child, or to me, it’s going to a handful of Jew loan officers, Jew private banks, it’s going to lawyers who are also bankers," Love said.

Heeb publisher Joshua Neuman responded to the headline in a comment on the magazine’s blog.

"Unfortunately, it seemed not to matter too much to the editors of Page Six that the remarks made by this woman of Jewish background were being made in the context of a Jewish conversation in a Jewish magazine," Neuman wrote. "Like it or not — and over the seven years we’ve been publishing Heeb we’ve found that many do not, but the simple fact remains: This is how Jews talk to Jews."

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