Wiesenthal Center skeptical Nazi doctor is dead


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Simon Wiesenthal Center has doubts about reports that a wanted Nazi doctor is dead, according to reports.

The New York Times  and German television station ZDF reported Wednesday that Aribert Heim, known by the moniker "Dr. Death," hid for 30 years in Cairo using the name Tarek Hussein Farid and died there of cancer in 1992.  

Heim is said to have killed hundreds of concentration camp inmates by injecting gasoline into their hearts. He also documented surgeries performed without anesthesia. 

Efraim Zuroff, director of the Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office, told several news outlets Thursday that the human rights and Nazi-hunting organization is skeptical that the Nazi criminal is dead, since no body or gravesite have been produced and because the family has expressed a desire to put the case to rest. 

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