Rabin’s son calls for unity government


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The son of Yitzhak Rabin called for a unity government during a news conference with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yuval Rabin, son of the assassinated prime minister, told journalists Monday in Tel Aviv that though he has met with the chairman of the Likud Party several times in the past few months, he will vote Labor.

Rabin said the reason he was holding the news conference with Netanyahu was to support the Likud leader’s commitment to a unity government.

"The point of this meeting is not to voice my support for one party or another, and Mr. Netanyahu knows I won’t be voting Likud — that’s not the goal," Rabin said. "The question is what the political map will look like in two days and what will be done with it. I don’t see an option for a strong leftist-centrist government."

The chairman of Young Meretz, Ori Zachi, interrupted Rabin, shouting, "Your father would be ashamed of you. The entire peace camp is ashamed of you. This is a disgrace."

Zachi was taken into custody by Shin Bet security services agents.

"I told Rabin what I have told the citizens of Israel," Netanyahu said. "I plan on winning the elections tomorrow and forming a government with all the Zionist parties that will join us. I vow to establish a wide unity government so as to deal with the security and economic challenges."


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