Black September terrorist deported to Sudan


WASHINGTON (JTA) — A convicted terrorist from the Palestinian Black September terrorist group was deported to Sudan after being released from a U.S. prison.

Khalid Al-Jawary was deported last week 36 years after he placed bombs in two cars on Fifth Avenue and a third at Kennedy Airport that were timed to coincide with the arrival of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, The Associated Press reported. The bombs did not detonate, but Al-Jawary was convicted of the crime in 1993 and served about half of a 30-year sentence, receiving time off for good behavior.

Al-Jawary left the United States on Feb. 26 and arrived Tuesday in Sudan, after Algeria changed its mind about accepting him. He had wanted to go to Jordan, where his family lives, but Jordan apparently did not agree to accept him. Al-Jawary has dual citizenship in Jordan and Iraq.

He has refused to admit his involvement in any other terrorist incidents, but an AP investigation found that Al-Jawary may have been involved in a lethal letter-bombing campaign and the bombing of a TWA flight that killed 88. He also had links to terrorist Abu Ibrahim, who is believed to be hiding out in Iraq.

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