The Dinga Dinga Dee Conspiracy


Rafael, Israel’s leading arms manufacturer, sent a Bollywood Valentine to India, one of its major clients.

I won’t judge. I’m an objective journalist, after all.

But Wired already nominated it for an "Iron Eagle," its annual "celebration of the awesomely bad videos of the military-industrial complex." Seriously. Apparently it’s a genre.

Ha’aretz solicited a slightly peeved response from Rafael. It cost them $15,000, after all.

The chorus is "Dinga Dinga Dee." I’m not sure what this means; perhaps it’s Sanskrit for "Thought we’d forgiven and forgotten Mumbai, did you?."

I do like this, though; useful not just for selling doily-draped missiles, but so much else:

I need to feel safe and sheltered,

Security and protection

Commitment and perfection

Defense and dedication

Condoms? Deodorant? Lean-tos? Very Slumdog.

And the climax:

Allegedly Hindi She: I believe in you

Very Israeli He: You believe in me

Israeli males of a certain stripe and reciprocating affection. Some things don’t change.

Anyway, Stephen Walt, Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Greenwald, I promise: Attack this all you want. No one will call you an anti-Semite.

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