Ukrainian activists demand end to racism


KIEV, Ukraine (JTA) — Activists in Kiev posted anti-racism advertising on 100 street lights in the Ukrainian capital.

Politicians, artists, singers and sports figures joined a news conference at the UNIAN Ukrainian news agency on March 12 to talk about creating a broad front to reduce  racism and violent attacks on those with a non-Slavic appearance. The activists demanded changes to the criminal code.

The action is a joint project of the SOS Racism nongovernmental organization and the Kiev state administration aimed at Kiev residents.

Billbaord owners supported the initiative and proposed the free publicity, which calls on citizens to combat xenophobia and racism.

SOS Racism organized an anti-racism march in Kiev last year and sent a petition to the president of Ukraine.

Observers say that racist attacks in Ukraine comprised the largest number of attacks and murders in recent years. The number of attacks against minorities in Ukraine also has increased in recent years. 

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