In case your husband forgets to remind you… MikvahMinder.com:

Today’s Jewish women are on the go and multi-tasking like never before. Now you can be at home, at a friend’s, at work, on business or just out shopping and still keep track of and update your taharas hamishpacha dates. MikvahMinder.com™ is here to serve you!

* You needed a simple-to-use program to help calculate vestos, onahs, onah benonis, 7 clean days and mikvah dates, so we created it.
* You needed an online calendar so you can access your chart whenever you are online, so we put MikvahMinder™ up online.
* You needed an interactive system that gives you the info you need, when you need it and where you need it, so your MikvahMinder.com™ calendar can send reminders to your cell phone and your inbox, as you wish!

Register now and get three months free!

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